Updated February 24, 2024

Repeater System



Tx 146.280

Tone 123Hz


Mode: FM Voice


Tx 147.940

Tone 123Hz

Spokane, Downtown

Mode: FM Voice


Tx 449.600

Tone 123Hz

Mt Spokane

Mode: FM Voice, C4FM WIRES-X (currently down)


Tx 449.900

Tone 123Hz

Spokane Valley

Mode: FM Voice

Packet System


145.010 WR7VHF-3

South - Krell Hill

Packet Node Stack South Connect Procedure

C WR7VHF-3 then C WR7VHF-2 then C WR7VHF-10
---------- or ----------
C SPOKN1 then C #SLAN2 then C WR7VHF-10 You will need to send three separate B (Bye) commands to disconnect.

145.090 WR7VHF-4

North - Mt. Spokane

Packet Node Stack North Connect Procedure

C WR7VHF-4 then C WR7VHF-5 then C WR7VHF-10
---------- or ----------
C SPOKN2 then C #SLAN3 then C WR7VHF-10

Winlink WR7VHF-10

Use of the VHF Club Repeaters

FCC part 97 rules shall apply in there entirety at all times, to the use of repeaters and stations. The 146.880, 147.340 and 444.900 repeaters are for analog voice use only.

Open conversation is encouraged on the repeaters, but moderation of speech is appreciated. The club stations and repeaters are for our enjoyment and to be of public service when needed.

Please identify clearly at the beginning and end of each conversation, as well as every 10 minutes during the conversation if it exceeds 10 minutes in length.

Packet Information and Downloads

Club Radio Sites

Krell Hill

146.880 MHz repeater TX & 146.280 MHz voter RX #1 of 3
145.010 MHz WR7VHF-3 packet node ("South Stack")

Spokane Valley

146.280 MHz voter RX #2 of 3
444.900 MHz repeater


146.280 MHz voter RX #3 of 3

Spokane Downtown

147.340 MHz repeater

Mt. Spokane

444.600 MHz repeater
145.090 MHz WR7VHF-4 packet node ("North Stack")

System Locations